Songwriter: Libbie Linton

Libbie Linton’s early influences led to a proclivity for progressive folk themes and for writing unique, memorable and literate songs. She began performing at overcrowded house shows while in her early college years. Eventually this led to 2006 home recording of seven songs, packaged one-by-one in sewn cases, titled “The Shackleton EP.” Libbie’s debut, full-length album titled “Bird Wings in the Bleak” was released April 23, 2009. This record is a collection of 12 songs with admittedly somber leanings that range from bare guitar and voice to more complex arrangements of banjo, ukulele, piano, violin, electric guitar, harmonica, glockenspiel, bass, tuba and percussion. Lyrically the album is full of distinctive phrasing and unique lines. Regardless of the subject matter, perhaps Linton’s most memorable quality is her ability to sing only like she means every word. Jenny Poplar of Salt Lake City Weekly wrote of Libbie Linton: “Linton’s voice — best described as a slightly more tremulous female version of folk legend Nick Drake’s ear-catching pipes — has turned out to be one of her strongest musical assets. There are throngs of female singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars, but only a select few — even on the local level — can hold an audience and build a following. When it comes to vocals, unique is not a liability. Unique is as good as it gets.” Visit Libbie Linton’s Facebook fan page.

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